Collection: HUI Kei-wing Phoebe 許琦穎

許琦穎,2022年畢業於香港中文大學藝術系,現正修讀西英格蘭大學版畫藝術碩士課程。她熱愛凹版畫,主要使用飛麈法(細點蝕刻法)來創作。她運用物件和場景,在作品中開啟對過去事件的新對話,寄望減輕過去的傷痛,並保存重要的記憶,不讓其消失於遺忘之中。 她曾參與的展覽包括「妍態隨意生 —— 許琦穎個人展覽」(香港版畫工作室,2023)、「香港起動22」(10號贊善里畫廊,2022)、「原味」(Wure Area,2022)、「Hi Bye」(PRÉCÉDÉE,2022)。

Phoebe Hui Kei-wing graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2022. She is currently pursuing an MA in Multi-disciplinary Printmaking at UWE Bristol. Passionate about intaglio printmaking, Phoebe primarily utilises aquatint to create her artworks. Through the use of objects and scenes, she initiates a fresh dialogue surrounding past events, aiming to alleviate past pain and preserve significant memories from fading into oblivion. She has previously participated in various exhibitions, including "Behind the Obscure Glass — Hui Kei Wing Phoebe's Solo Exhibition" (Hong Kong Open Printshop, 2023), "HKFORWARD22" (10 Chancery Lane Gallery, 2022), "Original" (Wure Area, 2022), and "Hi Bye" (PRÉCÉDÉE, 2022).