Collection: Wuon-Gean HO

Wuon-Gean HO (何文津) was born in Oxford. Her parents were immigrants from Singapore and Malaysia. Following her father's wish, she studied veterinary medicine at Cambridge University and learned art history to pursue her interests. Later, she was awarded a Japanese Government scholarship to learn mokuhanga, water-based woodblock printing, in Japan. In 2016, Ho graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Printmaking and became an etching fellow at the Royal Academy Schools.

Wuon-Gean creates a print series that invovles hundreds of linocuts, each measuring 15 × 20 cm, started in October 2016 when she was invited to be a fellow at the Royal Academy Schools in London. Each image, like a diary entry documents many of Wuon-Gean's experiences as a veterinarian, such as taking an ultrasound for a hamster, treating animals on the operation table, wrestling with animals, and being licked by a dog, many heartwarming and amusing stories, depicted by Wuon-Gean through printmaking, appear incredibly vivid and interesting. 

Whether the day is good or bad, Wuon-Gean captures her memories one by one in her prints. The splendid and vibrant colours and carving marks provoke our personal emotions and memories. Her black humour and amusing stories illustrated in the prints amused us.