Collection: LAI Siu-wai, Arrow 黎小威

黎小威是一位香港版畫藝術家和藝術教育工作者。他畢業於香港浸會大學,獲藝術學士學位和視覺藝術教育文憑;其後,於皇家藝術學院獲得版畫碩士學位。他主要使用木刻版畫,並以版畫、流動影像和視頻的形式展示作品。他的作品在國際展覽中展出,如2023年的全球設計畢業展、2023年胡列治的當代版畫博覽會、2023年皇家藝術學院的三樓展,以及2021年的IMPACT 11國際版畫研討會。

Arrow LAI Siu-Wai works primarily with woodblock printing, focusing on exploring self-identity as a Hong Konger in relation to everyday happenings in the society. This series of prints is derived from imagining televised firework displays during national day celebrations in 2047. The process of carving the firework patterns demands precision and attentiveness, akin to handling gunpowder. This technique allows him to intimately experience the explosive power of the fireworks. Simultaneously, through careful manipulation and recreation of images, it draws attention to moments within the explosive beauty of the fireworks and provides him with an opportunity for reflection on the public spectacle of shared identity and the tension between a beautiful moment and the anticipated changes of the firework.