Collection: LAM King-ting 林敬庭


2016年,他首次在香港和台灣舉辦個人展覽。他的作品獲國立臺灣美術館及元培科技大學收藏,並廣為私人收藏;2023年,獲得中華民國版印年畫佳作獎;2018年,入選IMPACT 10展覽。

LAM King-ting, from Hong Kong, has been working as a full-time printmaker since graduation. Currently, he focuses on personal works, particularly in wood engraving prints and on-site collage, to document life in Taiwan.

In 2016, he held his first solo exhibitions in Hong Kong and Taiwan. His works are included in the collections of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and Yuanpei University of Science and Technology, and private collections. He was awarded at the 38th New Year Prints Exhibition of R.O.C. in 2023 and participated in the exhibition of IMPACT 10 in 2019.