Collection: LAU Hong-lam, Avery 劉杭霖

劉杭霖,2019年畢業於香港浸會大學視覺藝術院,曾於義大利博洛尼亞美術學院作藝術交流,並獲得2019/2020年度香港版畫工作室年獎。其作品曾在南韓、澳洲及英國展出;亦曾在香港不同的藝術機構及畫廊展出,如布朗畫廊、Hanart TZ 畫廊,以及香港藝術中心等。


Avery LAU Hong-lam graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts at the Hong Kong Baptist University in 2019 and studied at the Academia di Belle Arti di Bologna in Italy. His works have been exhibited internationally, including in South Korea, Australia, and the UK. Lau has participated in various exhibitions in Hong Kong, such as the exhibitions at Ben Brown Fine Arts, Hanart TZ Gallery, and Hong Kong Art Centre.

LAU's works focus on still life as the genre, often incorporating mythology as the background, and employing traditional intaglio techniques to create a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere. He expresses his insights into daily life and the world through the use of symbols and puns. LAU’s practice focuses on intaglio printmaking, particularly mezzotint. In recent years, he has made new attempts to combine illustrations, design, and narrative elements into his works.